Saturday, October 29, 2005

Blog, blog will keep us together

I was checking out my brother's blog (with a very pretentious name, "The Transcendent Sycophant") and I saw that he had a link to my other brother's blog ("GrokMart," another very pretentious name, which is odd, since my brothers are the least pretentious people I know), which had a comment from my friend (whose blog name isn't the least bit pretentious, "My Chaos, My Bliss," it's just her reality), and I thought of the Captain and Tenile song.

You know, blogs my be self-indulgent and at times "sycophantic," but just like love and the internet, they keep us together.


Cecily R said...

Hey, thanks for saying my blog name isn't pretentious (see, I'm so not that I can't even spell it!). I don't know know enough to even think that about your brothers' blog names...just figured I was a dork and not enough in the loop to know what they meant. :) Pllllleeeaaase keep writing!

Matthew Seamons said...

Thanks for the plug sis. I'll have a link to you up on my blog soon.