Friday, November 16, 2007

Today, I'm a Blog Pimp

My brother has a new blog, so I thought it was time to, in Cecily's words, PIMP some blogs.

Since his is the newest blog, let's start with Matt, or as he apparently wishes to be called in the blogosphere, Wilfjord (which was my Grandpa's name, only spelled normal). As you can see by the photo, Matt likes to put things in his nose and is a big 'ole DORK. As far as his blog is concerned, it's not really dorky at all. He's actually a really good writer and only stands to get better. He likes big words like theoretical, empirical, nomothetic, probabilistic, or causal -not casual, causal - all of which I found in an article called FIVE BIG WORDS. So, look up these words and try to use them in comments you leave on his site, he'll be like a kid at Christmas.

Then there is his wife Johnny. English is Johnny's second language, but you'd never know it, she speaks better English than ANYONE I know. She is a YouTube and CNN/MSNBC/Fox News/"any news channel out there" addict, and her blog reflects that. She's also an aspiring Photographer and I can't wait until she starts posting her photos, I think you'll love them too. And, as you can tell by this photo, she has the patience of Job.

Next, speaking of my family, there is my sister Emily. What can I tell you about Emily that you wouldn't know from reading her blog? Well, absolutely nothing. That girl is an OPEN BOOK! And, she's freaking HILARIOUS (her words...and mine). Her blog is titled "Does My Writing Suck?" and my opinion is no, her writing does not suck. She really is very funny and her writing is extremely engaging. She hooks you in the first line, the reels you in leaving you wanting more when she's done. Unfortunately, she "has a life" and doesn't update as often as most of us would like, but when she does, it's totally worth it.

Let's move on to friends, shall we?

How about Lara? Lara is the person in my life that I see most. She sits across from me 8 hours a day, Monday through Friday and goes with me to Symphonies and Ballets (often against our
will). Lara is doing her own version of the 365 project (she actually posts more than one picture a day) and her photos are really great. I love it when we take pictures of the same thing and get VASTLY different outcomes. She is often very abstract and is learning to embrace it. She updates everyday, so keep her site in your favorites. Lara is also one of the funniest people on the planet.

And finally, the person who needs a pimp the least, Cecily. Cecily and Emily are actually quite a bit alike (other than someone once thinking that Cecily was Emily). They both speak very freely about themselves on their blogs, and they are both excellent writers. She writes about real life and makes people feel like she is writing about them. Then there are her comments which are just as funny as her blog. The girl has a minimum of 25 comments PER POST, and they are hilarious. She also has 3 kids who are extremely fun to take pictures of, and the only time I can catch a picture of her is when I'm snapping her kids, and they're usually of her kissing on their faces. But hey, with a baby that sweet, who can blame her?

So there you go, five of my favorite people in the blogging world...actually, they are five of my favorite people period. The are by no means my only favorite blogs, but this post is getting way too long. I'll do another PIMP post at a later date with more of my favorite blogs.

Until then, happy reading!