Thursday, October 19, 2006

Phucket Thai

The funniest thing just happened to me about 20 minutes ago...and we're talking so funny that I just barely stopped crying I was laughing so hard. Loria (best friend/roommate/in Napoleon Dynamite), came home about 20 minutes ago and asked me a question. The question she asked wasn't so funny, it was the outcome that was the funny part. The question was, "Did you ever think of the name of that Thai place?"


In June, Loria and I drove to So. Cal. to see my sister Emily and my friend Robert (and Celine Dion on the Teacups). While we were there, Emily drove us past a Thai place in Long Beach called Phuckit Thai. And yes, I know it is spelled P-h-u-c-k-e-t, but for pronunciation purposes, we'll spell it Phuckit... and for those of you who are clueless, in this story we pronounce ph as f, and yes I know that it isn't actually the pronunciation.


That said, let's return to Loria's question which, in case you need a refresher, was "Did you ever think of the name of that Thai place?"

My reply to her question was "Hu?"

You see, 20 minutes before she originally asked her question, she called...someone... to ask, and I quote,

"What was the name of that Thai place your sister took us to in California? Phucking Thai or something?"

The reply she got to her question was a very bewildered "I don't know."

To which Loria answered,

"It's OK, I'll be home in a minute. See you soon." And she hung up. Only, the conversation (unfortunately for Loria) wasn't that short, she said the name of the restaurant several times.

Who is she called you are wondering? Well... was my Mom.

...I love my friends.
It is now Friday morning, and I have spoken to my Mother. As it turns out, the person Loria was swearing at was not my Mom, it was my Dad.
...This story just keeps getting better and better.